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January 6th January 6th 2022 1080p WEBRIP x265-RARBG
M8 V-- A--
53 seconds ago
raf696 47, M, Poland
It is a good doc, but I wanna say something else.
You see, I don't think that holding people responsible for Jan 6th insurrection, is the way to go.
Allow me to explain. People response to the information they were given, was the correct one. People SHOULD rise up, if democracy is under attack by any coalition which tries to gain absolute power, and it should be attacked while it is still in its infancy, because later, it may not be possible at all.
So who should be punished. Those who spread THE LIES. Fox News, Tuckers and the likes. People just reacted to the misinformation they were given. Why? They were afraid that their beloved country is becoming an autocratic regime.
Some would say,, "well, you can't hold presenters responsible, because they are only doing what they are told..."
BULLSHlT. You could and you should! They always had an option to quit, leaving their integrity intact. But they chose MONEY. Some of them became millionaires, by spreading the p
January 6th (2022)
M8 V-- A--
2 minutes ago
raf696 47, M, Poland
Some of them became millionaires, by spreading the propaganda.
Imagine how big of an impact it would have on reliability of news, if you send those, who got rich on spreading the lies, to prison. I bet pondents would think twice, before accepting money for saying what they have been told to say.
January 6th 2022 1080p WEB h264-B2B
M9 V-- A--
3 hours ago
Nick-Adventure , , United States
Stunning film.
I am not being hyperbolic in saying that every American should have a chance to watch this.
A minute-by-minute breakdown of the insurrection, with footage of that day from film crews in the midst of the event.
While many of us saw the events take place on TV that day, this follows the crowd, shows the battles to hold the line, then takes you into the capital building. Perspectives given from the insurrectionists and also the members of congress and senators that were in that capital building that day.
Truely a moment of history documented.
Stranger Stranger (2022)
M1 V-- A--
37 minutes ago
Sphinx5779 , , United Kingdom
This should have been a 20 minute short film, and even then it would be dreadful.
Lockwood & Co Lockwood & Co (2023)
M9 V-- A--
past hour
troela , , Netherlands
mooie serie
Pawn Pawn (2020)
M10 V-- A--
2 hours ago
japhol.meigh , , Philippines
This is really a great movie. Koreans are really good making movies this kind. I feel every moment of it.
Hunters Hunters (2020)
M-- V-- A--
2 hours ago
Mickelene , , Switzerland
Keep the politics out of comments, it is for movie tinks....!! I personally do not care if your White, Brown, Red, Black or wee green persons from outer space. Give us all peace away from your nonsense.
Hunters S02 COMPLETE 720p AMZN WEBRIP x264-GalaxyTV
M8 V8 A8
5 days ago
zowa 48, M, Netherlands
@dmanero, you consider yourself a good nazi lol... saw your previous comments, your life is shite man. You're an angry little nazi lol.
Hunters (2020)
M-- V-- A--
5 days ago
dmanero 44, M, Canada
getting sick of people always making the nazi as bad people, they were not all bad, most were just serving their country. Not too mention of course the jews going to make it sound like what happened to them was so bad, you seem to be forgetting all the soliders and people that died in the war.
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