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Shock Wave 2 (2020)

Director: Herman Yau
Cast: Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau, Sean Tierney, Ni Ni, Kwan-Ho Tse, Ron Ng, Tak-Bun Wong, Raymond Chiu, Zhang Yang, Philip Keung, Chun Kit Chang, Babyjohn Choi, Timothy Tse-sing Cheng, Wilfred Lau, Timmy Hung, Ben Yuen, Man-Lung Ling, Marc Ma, Kut Si Yeung, Kin-Ping Leung, Priscilla Koo, Chi-Kwong Chung, Olivia Yan, Aaron Chow, Yan Ng, Tin Chak Leung, Liviu Covalschi, Jai Day, Singh Inderjeet, Jaysen Lai, Jason Li


When a bomb went off unexpectedly during a police operation to disarm it, Poon Shing-Fung, a bomb disposal officer, got caught in the blast and thus lost one of his legs. Poon decided to leave the police service. Three years later, the police suspect Poon, who was found in a coma at the spot of a terrorist bombing attack, of being involved in several bombing attacks in the past two years. Poon can hardly remember his past and even his own identity due to Post Traumatic Amnesia. He plans to escape to find out the truth. Meanwhile, knowing the terrorist organization's schemes of destroying Hong Kong landmarks, Poon, as the key person between the police and the terrorist organization, would possibly save or destroy lives of the innocent civilians in the city.

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