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The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful (2017) - Also known as "Xue guan yin"

Director: Ya-che Yang
Cast: Kara Wai, Ke-Xi Wu, Vicky Chen, Sha-Li Chen, Chia-Yen Ko, Showlen Maya, Moon Wang, Carolyn Chen, Chen-Ling Wen, Jun Fu, Wei-min Ying, Shu Wei Wu, Chao-te Yin, Mariko Ookubo, Ming-Shuai Shih, Wu-Kang Chen, Yu-Lin Yen, Wei-liu Wang, Chih-Ju Lin, Chiang Ting, Shang-Chien Liu, Yue-Ti Liu, Retina, Huei-Fang Lee, Sean Liu, Hsiao-Hua Chung, Wei-Lun Tsai, Kuei-Feng Li, Jie-Ling Wang, Yen-Tzu Chen


Madame Tang colludes and mediates between the government and the private businesses for the benefits of her all-female family. One case does not go according to plan, and an entire family close to Madame Tang fall victim to a gruesome murder. Ambition, desire and lust eventually change Tang's relationships with her own family forever.

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