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Didi Wanna Be a Kid (2004) - Also known as "Didi Quer Ser Criança"

Director: Alexandre Boury, Reynaldo Boury
Cast: Renato Aragão, Werner Schünemann, Bruno Cariati, Malu Rodrigues, Pedro Malta, Cláudio Heinrich, Rafael de Castro, Daniel de Castro, Fernanda Lima, Didi Wagner, Elias Gleizer, Charles Paraventi, Felippe Persano, Daniella Cicarelli, Tiago Salomone, Daniel Nogueira, Yan Mesquita, Alessandro Lauriano


Didi works at a traditional candy factory. His business is facing some serious problems with the competition of a big company, whose products are full of artifical and dangerous flavors and colorants. Didi tries to warn the kids of t

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