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Water Gate Bridge (2022) - Also known as "Chang jin hu zhi shui men qiao"

Director: Hark Tsui, Kaige Chen, Dante Lam
Cast: Jing Wu, Jackson Yee, Michael Koltes, Rudy van Gelderen, Tom Markovic, John F. Cruz, Yihong Duan, James Filbird, Le Geng, Jun Hu, Kei Gambit, Chen Li, Matias Lorieri, Natalia Golovenko, Marco Sentinelli, John Edward Lopez, Ben Z Orenstein, Kyrylo Shulga


Sequel to "The Battle at Lake Changjin". Follows the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) soldiers on a new task, and now their battlefield is a crucial bridge on the retreat route of American troops.

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