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Childhood 2.0 (2020)

Director: Robert Muratore, Jamin Winans
Cast: Skyler Sledge, Shauna Sledge, Avi Khanna, Isabella Smouse, Soloman Smouse Jr., J. Lee Brown, Susanne Morrissey, Isabella Jody, Connor Jody, Matthew Hamilton, Zeffira Muratore, Patricia Agatston, Brian Bason, Ethan Fletcher Daly, Doris Gosnell, Free N. Hess, Titania Jordan, Christopher McKenna, Kelly Anne O'Neill, Sujit Sharma, Jesse Siegand, Sarah Siegand, Joel Stoddard, Richard Wistocki


For the first time in history, mental illness and suicide have become one of the greatest threats to school-aged children in America. Many parents still view dangers as primarily physical and external and are missing the real danger: constant connectivity's pervasive internal assault on mental health. This film is an exploration of the dramatic technological and cultural shift that children and parents have faced since the rise of social networks and mobile devices. Childhood 2.0 dives into the issues of addiction and withdrawal, anxiety and depression, online abuse and bullying, the pervasiveness of pornography, the culture of sexting and unforeseen consequences, the rise of online pedophilia and sexual predators, the loss of free play and autonomy and the rapid growth of suicide among children and teens.

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