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Prey (2022) - Also known as "Predator"

Director: Dan Trachtenberg
Cast: Amber Midthunder, Dane DiLiegro, Stormee Kipp, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat, Stefany Mathias, Michelle Thrush, Dakota Beavers, Mike Paterson, Bennett Taylor, Julian Black Antelope, Nelson Leis, Tymon Carter, Skye Pelletier, Corvin Mack, Samuel Marty, Ginger Cattleman, Seanna Eagletail, Samiyah Crowfoot


The origin story of the Predator in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled female warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.

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