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Suro (2022) - Also known as "Cork"

Director: Mikel Gurrea
Cast: Vicky Luengo, Pol López, Ilyass El Ouahdani, Josep Estragués, David Parcet, Vicente Botella, Josep Maria Gómez, Nelson Caballero, Roc Coll, Joan Carrillo, Fouad Lhaibi, El Mustapha Hounain El Amin, Abdelaziz El Hajjouji, Irina Moradell, Lía Parcet Siscart, Àlex Costejà, Xavier Alonso Navarra, María José Cros Moulines


Elena and Iván. About to have their first child, they decide to leave the city and move to the countryside to reset the cork plantation.

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