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Stealing Chaplin (2020)

Director: Paul Tanter
Cast: Charles Chaplin, Wayne Newton, Simon Phillips, Al Sapienza, Peter Woodward, Cheryl Prater, Anne-Carolyne Binette, Doug Phillips, Ken Bressers, Bianca Katz, Dani Elizabeth, Travis Long, Michael Ray, Brent Barrett, Leo Goodman, Liliana Vargas, Dan Worthington, James Sjurson, Roger Julian Cross, Jordan M. Wiessen, Stephen Knowles, Zeth Daniels, Jim Doolan, Lauren Newton, Chad Peters, Tom Delahunty, David Amitin, Helian Zhang, Conner Zornow, Greg Sims


Inspired by real events, two Las Vegas based con men dig up and steal the corpse of comedian Charlie Chaplin in order to ransom it. With the theft gaining the world's attention and the reward rising daily, soon every local lowlife, criminal and dirty cop wants a piece of the action.

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