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The Age of A.I. - TV Programs (2019)

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Pedro Domingos, Rana El Kaliouby, Ayanna Howard, Jim Ewing, Matt McMullen, Matt McMullen, Mark Sagar, John Shaw, Cathy Ewing, Masie Kuh, Sharon Shaw, Hugh Herr, Tim Shaw, Katelyn Thorpe, Julie Cattiau, Guile Lindroth,, Dimitri Kanevsky, Erik Brynjolfsson, Fernando G. Vieira, Gil Weinberg, Jason Barnes, Michael Brenner, Austin Dillon, Oscar Sharp, Chelsey Crisp, Jason Schneider, Shanti, Eric Warren, Chris Dunning


The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artifial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.

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