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Married at First Sight Australia - TV Programs (2015-2020)

Cast: Tracey Jewel, Sarah Roza, Gabrielle Bartlett, Erin Bateman, Simone Lee Brennan, Xavier Forsberg, Mark Hughes, Christie Jordee, Bryce Mohr, Jono Pitman, Clare Verrall, Roni Azzopardi, Alex Garner, Zoe Hendrix, Lachlan McAleer, Michael O'Dea, Clare Tamas, James Webster, Michelle Worsley, Scarlett Cooper, Mick Gould, Josh Withers, Ryan Gallagher, Charlene Perera, Davina Rankin, Andy Ankers, Dave Crisp, Mark Ellam, Bella Frizza, Nicole Heir, Michael Hughes, Craig Keller, Craig Roach, Monica Vanderkley, Jess Wardrop, Vanessa Belvedere, Lauren Bran, Deborah Brosnan, Nick Furphy, Andy Hills, Sean Hollands, Andrew Jones, Alene Khatcherian, Jesse Konstantinoff, Cheryl Maitland, Anthony Manton, Michelle Marsh, Sharon Marsh, Simon McQuillan, Chloe Patterson, Susan Rawlings, John Robertson, Nadia Stamp, Michael Tomic, Jonathan Troughton, Ashley Airvin, Carly Bowyer, Troy Delmege, Sean Donnelly, Justin Fischer, Alycia Galbraith, Mathew Lockett, Jo McPharlin, Patrick Miller, Blair Rachael, John Robertson, Nasser Sultan, Sean Thomsen, Melissa Walsh, Dean Wells, Telvin Williams


Eight singles (out of thousands of applicants), chosen by clinical physiologist John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Dr. Trisha Stratford and psychologist Sabina Read, come to find themselves looking for love on a TV show. Married at First Sight takes these eight singles, makes them four couples and has them meeting for the first time at the altar. These couples are not actually married for the show, yet do go through a commitment ceremony. This reality series is an experiment based on real life occurrences for these 'couples', as they go through an accelerated relationship cycle.

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