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Scream of the Banshee (2011)

Director: Steven C. Miller
Cast: Lauren Holly, Eric F. Adams, Lance Henriksen, Kasey Emas, Marcelle Baer, Todd Haberkorn, Edrick Browne, Garrett Hines, Leanne Cochran, Don Lincoln, Kim Ormiston, Thomas C. Daniel, Misty Ormiston, Timothy Miller


In 1188 A.D., in Limerick, Ireland, Templar Knights chase a creature through the woods and trap her head in a box. In the present day Professor Isla Whelan and her two assistants are researching and labeling historical artifacts in the basement of the university where she works and they find an Irish glove and map with the name Duncan. Isla's estranged daughter Shayla Whelan finds a hidden space behind a wall with a box with the severed head, but they believe that it belongs to deformed person or an animal. Out of the blue, the head screams and they all bleed through the ears. They learn soon that the head is from a Banshee and in accordance with the mythology they are doomed to die. Their only hope is to find the lunatic and discredited Professor Broderick Duncan, whose expertise is in the feminine spirit in Irish mythology.

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