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It Takes a Lunatic (2019)

Director: Billy Lyons, Kim Ferraro
Cast: Alec Baldwin, André Bishop, Wynn Handman, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, Connie Britton, Susan Lucci, Eric Bogosian, Kathleen Chalfant, John Leguizamo, Frank Chin, James Caan, Chris Cooper, Joel Grey, Marianne Leone, Clare Coss, Frank Langella, Woodie King Jr., Olympia Dukakis, Nick Finn, Jeremy Gerard, Lauren Graham, Laura Handman, Liza Handman, Bill Irwin, Peter Kock, Randall Duk Kim, Howard Klein, John Lahr, Sidney Lanier, Norman Lear


In Billy Lyons's heartfelt and inspiring profile, Wynn Handman delves into his personal life story, while comments from former students such as Richard Gere, James Caan, Joel Grey, Michael Douglas, Frank Langella, and Chris Cooper show just how deep-seated an impact his work has had on American theater. Today, at the age of 96 Wynn Handman still teaches as many classes as he did in the beginning, as genuine, outspoken, and intolerant of BS ever, as he continues to push his students to find their truth and their voice-both onstage and off.

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