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The Wrong Path (2021)

Director: Andrew Damon Henriques
Cast: C. Thomas Howell, Drew Moerlein, Abigail Hawk, Gene Gabriel, Vince Oddo, Sal Rendino, Artie Pasquale, Joseph D'Onofrio, Christopher Brian Roach, Rick Zahn, Andrew Koss, Ray Bouderau, Mario Polit, Judy San Roman, Pamela Macey, Jack Lanyo, Brian Alevis, Joe Basile, Alim S. Gafar, Lauren Loccisano, Claudine Gafar, Naadira C. Gafar, Pamela Lightfoot, Kayla Lora, Michael Deep Francis, Gabriella Rose Basile, Chris Connelly, Barbara Pohan, Guilian Abrigo, David Lightfoot


A small town electrician with anger issues gets extreme therapy from a noted Pyschiatrist, Dr. Eric Peselowe, but is soon framed for a robbery and then a murder. Even with the help of Dr. Peselowe's female assistant Bonnie, he soon learns to trust no one but himself and becomes entrapped in a web of deceit, greed and corruption.

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