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The Monopoly on Violence (2020)

Director: Chris Cofer
Cast: James C. Scott, Stephan Kinsella, Andrew Napolitano, Jeff Deist, Thaddeus Russell, Donnie Gebert, Sandy Klein, Joseph Salerno, Peter Klein, Daniel McAdams, Scott Horton, Mark Thornton, Michael Huemer, Dave Smith, David Friedman, Patrick Newman, Peter R. Quinones, Ryan McMaken, Murray Rothbard, David Gordon, Walter Block, Tom Woods, Larken Rose, Sal Mayweather, Nick Irwin, David Ballantine, Karl Hess, Max Borders, Ron Paul, Robert P. Murphy


This documentary is the condensed package of why the state is inherently antithetical to human flourishing. I grew up conservative from the South with all the neo-con trappings that with with my decision to join the military as an Air Force Officer to "fight for freedom" and to "serve my country". Many voices in this documentary are the voices that have shattered my world view and have helped me build a more coherent understanding of human behavior, human interaction, and human flourishing.No doubt this documentary will come under attack from the "establishments" of the "left" and "right", if it's truly allowed the see the light of day on mainstream outlets where the "3x5 card of allowable opinion" (credit: Tom Woods for this phrase) often doesn't make room for anything but solidarity with state action and state power.The more I catch up with libertarian and anarcho-capitalist thought and bodies of work, the more I am

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