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Air Conditioner (2020) - Also known as "Ar Condicionado"

Director: Fradique
Cast: José Kiteculo, Filomena Manuel, David Caracol, Tito Spyck, Sacerdote, Filipe Kamela Paly, Wilson Medradas, Madalena Celestino Domingos Salgueiro, Ana Maria Celestino Salgueiro, Solange Caetano Feijó, Francisca Laura, Dimossi Madalena Pedro Francisco, Micaela Mazina Pedro Manuel, Cássio Magalhães Félix, Justino Kalei, Jéssica Júlio, Herlander Glenóide, Patrícia Rodrigues


When the air-conditioners mysteriously start to fall in city of Luanda, Matacedo (security guard) and Zezinha (housemaid) have the mission of retrieving their boss's ac.

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